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    • Unspoken Rules for Women Climbing the Public Service Ladder in Africa
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Unspoken Rules for Women Climbing the Public Service Ladder in Africa

Free Training Workshop for Female Civil Servants ( in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company launched the Women Heads of State Initiative ( last month, and as part of the initiative they are delivering unprecedented, free, open-enrollment, virtual training for women, early in their careers as government civil servants in any of Africa’s 54 countries. “Teresa Clarke, Chair…

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New Online Course from Harvard teaches Africans How to Build Scalable Businesses to Solve African Problems

The course provides a series of time-tested lecture content and active reading assignments

Africa has complex and unique business opportunities.  Harvard Business School professors are launching a new online course to teach entrepreneurs how to build scalable businesses designed to solve core problems in Africa. Unlike other business courses, this one focuses on identifying points of opportunity for smart entrepreneurial efforts through live…
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Poll reveals 70% of African businesses expect their revenues to decrease by more than 10% next month

Approximately 1,500 business leaders participated in the poll

In a live poll conducted by on April 22 as part of its webinar series, Crisis Management for African Business Leaders, nearly 70% of webinar participants predicted that their business revenue will decrease by more than 10% next month.  47% indicated that they expect their revenue to decrease by…
Source: | Convenes Top African Business Leaders with Harvard Business School Faculty to Respond to COVID-19

Join Top African Business Leaders Online for Four-Part Webinar Series

As COVID-19 takes hold of African economies, African business leaders are challenged with new risks and uncertainty. has partnered with faculty of Harvard Business to lead a four week webinar series, “Crisis Management for African Business Leaders.” The webinar series will feature panel discussions led by the faculty, in…